Recorded Plats, Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin

The various plats of Prairie du Chien were filed for record as follows:

Original plat, Sept. 11, 1837. This plat was purchased of Amable and Lenore Moreau, by Thomas P. Burnett, for $65.

Lockwood's addition, Dec. 26, 1840.
Streets, additions, April 9, 1839.
Power's addition, Sept. 9, 1840.
Beaumont's addition, Oct. 31, 1842.
Dousman's addition, Nov. 16, 1842.
E. Power's addition, April 8, 1843.
Parish's addition, Dec. 5, 1855.
J. Y. Smith's addition Sept. 26, 1856.
McGregor's addition April 27, 1856.
Clark's addition, Dec. 22, 1855.
Marsh's addition, Sept. 1, 1856.
Union plat by H. L. Dousman et al, Sept. 27, 1856.
First addition to Union plat, June 4, 1857.
Beaumont's addition, Aug. 12, 1856.
Lower Prairie du Chien, June 14, 1856.
Extension to Union plat, March 13, 1858.

At the present time, (1884), the principal part of the city is on the high ground in the rear of the old village of St. Feriole. What was known as the "Main Village" at an early date, lay immediately along the east bank of the Mississippi river, and is now occupied by the railroad yards, ware houses, and lumber yards.
"Lower Town" is that part of the city situated about a half mile down the river from old St. Feriole. Here, the railroad shops are located, and other business interests, yet the principal business of the city is done on the old site of St. Feriole, about midway between the two bluffs.

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